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Super Video Converter Pro 6.3

Allows transcoding, playing, editing and enhancing video.
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Super Video Converter Pro is mainly intended for converting between video formats. Likewise, it allows various basic editing operations, such as rotating, cropping, merging, adding watermarks, applying effects, enhancing quality and simulating 3D video. The tool supports practically any video and audio format, and it is remarkable that it can process 4K resolution video.

As a converter, the app lets you process multiple source files in a single session. Luckily, there is a built-in player to preview their contents and even take snapshots of your favorite frames. Likewise, I appreciate the possibility of converting each of the files to a different target format. In this respect, you can avoid that the resulting files may be unsupported by the intended device, as there are multiple built-in conversion profiles to choose from. Still, this does not mean that advanced users cannot use customized profiles as well.

There are a few editing operations you would like to perform before actually transcoding your files. Thus, suppose the source file contains various audio and subtitle streams, in such case, you are allowed to pick the ones you want to keep. Similarly, you even have the possibility of substituting the original tracks using external files. Regrettably, it supports demuxing video files, it does not allow packing various video and subtitle streams into a single file.

Even though Super Video Converter Pro is not a media editor properly, it does support some basic editing features, which, if used smartly, can help you create completely new clips from existing footage. In this regard, there is the possibility to trim video length and crop a specific screen region and merge the results into a single video. Finally, you could add text or image watermarks.

Fortunately, the tool supports changing the original quality of the video. For instance, you can add effects to change such image parameters as brightness, saturation, contrast and hue. But that is not all, this application supports enhancing video by upscaling resolution up to 4K, removing noise and stabilizing shaky images. Besides, it can convert 2D and simulate 3D effects using various settings.

All in all, Super Video Converter Pro does much more than simply transcoding video. It supports various video editing and enhancing features. It works quite as described by its developer so this is a product that deserves your attention. Since it is part of a family of similar products, it is a good idea to take a look at some of them before making a decision.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports practically any audio and video format
  • Processes 4K video
  • Multiple conversion profiles
  • Supports demuxing audio and subtitle streams
  • Supports basic editing operations
  • Includes some video enhancement features
  • Can simulate 3D video
  • Built-in media player


  • Does not allow packing various video, audio and subtitle streams into a single file
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