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Content is king on the Internet and Suck It Down helps you get it faster.
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R.A.D. Productions & Ron Davis
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Content is king on the Internet and Suck It Down helps you get it faster. It will download any type of data linked off a page. By specifying extensions you can easily download images, movies, mp3s, pdfs and more. Suck It Down also provides preview for downloaded images and QuickTime compatible files, like movies and mp3s.

Main Features:

- Download Content Quickly and Easily
You specify a URL and what extensions to download and Suck It Down will download any items on that page, or linked off it. You can also specify a folder name and Suck It Down will create it and put all the downloaded content into it.
- Preview
After your content is downloaded, you can view it inside Suck It Down's content panel. You can view or listen to images, movies, MP3s or any other QuickTime compatible file.
- Mini Slide Show
Not only can you preview a piece of content by clicking on it, you can also have Suck It Down cycle through images and moviews. Showing or playing each in turn.
- Trash It
Don't like some of the images you got? One click throws the selected image into the trash. Don't like the whole folder? You can close the document, and throw all the images away with a key stroke.
- Get A Series Easily
Know where there is a sequentally numbered set of files? Use the Add To List command to add a series of URLs to the download list. You specify the beginning and ending of the URL along with the number range and Suck It Down does the rest.
- Automatic Updating
Suck It Down will automatically check for updates when it is launched. Concerned about privacy? You can turn off the auto updating.
- Fully AppleScriptable
Just about anything you can do in the UI you can do via AppleScript. We include sample scripts that let you easily suck URLs from Safari.
- Copy URL or Path
You can easily copy the URL of any item to the clipboard. Once it is downloaded you can also easily get it path on your local machine.
- Open and Reveal In Finder
Want to view a piece of content in another app? Open With Finder allows you to open it in its own application. Wonder where it is? Reveal In Finder shows it to you.

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