Subtitle Factory 1.3

Add, remove, and modify subtitles for video files.
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Create, edit, and insert subtitles into movies in MP4, MOV, FLV, and other formats. Work with multiple subtitle tracks, specify the start and end time of the subtitles and customize text in terms of color and style. Save the results without re-encoding.

Subtitle Factory is a simple subtitle editor for MP4/mov files and most files that are playable in QuickTime Player.
・Create/delete subtitle tracks
・Multiple subtitle tracks
・Insert/delete/edit a subtitle text
・Edit a subtitle text start time
・Edit a subtitle text style (color, underline, italic)
・Import SRT
MP4 file types can be saved as original file type. Others (e.g. wmv, flv…) will be saved as QuickTime movie (mov).
No re-encoding when saving.
You can use subtitles in iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, Apple TV and QuickTime Player.

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