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Strophes is the best way to read, find and browse lyrics on your Mac.
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Strophes is the best way to read, find and browse lyrics on your Mac. Designed to work seamlessly with iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Radium and YouTube, Strophes' millions lyrics and synchronised scrolling will make reading your favourite lyrics a breeze.
Forget spending countless hours looking for the lyrics of your favourite songs. Just play a track on your music player of choice and let Strophes display and synch the lyrics in real time. Play or Pause your music player with Strophes' built-in controls, translate any song with the click of a mouse and quickly share your favourite lyrics on Facebook and Twitter.
Still not good enough? Strophes also comes with a powerful built-in search engine to find new lyrics everyday and its gorgeous Artist feature to read about your favourite bands with no extra clicks required.
Strophes ~ Beautiful Lyrics for your Mac.
"Strophes is, by far, the best lyrics app I have found on OS X, and it works with the apps I am already enjoying to listen to my music library." - MacStories
"Sometimes you run across a Mac app that's so well designed and executed you add it to your ‘gotta have’ arsenal.” - MacNews
“Simple, beautiful and fast. I love the Artist screen: I use it all the time to read about myself. Strophes is the bomb.” - L. van Beethoven
♫ Millions Lyrics (New!)
That's right. Thanks to our new partnership with LyricFind Strophes can now display over millions lyrics. At no extra fee.
♫ Synchronised Scrolling (New!)
Forget about scrolling while trying to read your favourite lyrics. Just play any song and let Strophes highlight the current line for you.
♫ Powerful Music Controls
No need to go back and forth between Strophes and your music player. Make use of Strophes' built-in music controls to play, pause or go to the next/previous track.
♫ Fast Lyrics Translation
Strophes comes with full language support. Translate any lyrics to and from English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and German with the click of a mouse.
♫ Gorgeous Album Covers
Strophes will smoothly load and display your songs' artwork. Not all of them have one, you say? Not at problem thanks to Strophes' full Last.Fm support.
♫ Artist Biographies
Ever wondered how the Coldplay or the Beatles got started? Find out more about your favourite artists with Strophes.
♫ Stunning Interface
Choose from three beautiful interface themes (Golden Twine, Cafe Royal and Charcoal) and Strophes' great font options (Helvetica, Noteworthy and Georgia).
♫ One-Click Lyrics Sharing
Ever felt like sharing a lyrics with your close friends? Strophes will let you share it on Facebook or Twitter with the click of a mouse.
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