Starry Night Orion Special Edition 5.0

This is a basic version of the more capable "Starry Night"
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The highly acclaimed planetarium software by Imaginova "Starry Night Special Edition" with the bonus "SkyTheatre" DVD are included FREE with purchase of any Orion brand astronomical telescope from Company Seven.
"Starry Night Special Edition" is a basic version of the more capable "Starry Night" version 5.0 astronomy software series. Both entertaining and educational; this software will help you learn the night sky, see what is up day or night, past or present, plan your observing sessions, and print out charts and information about the celestial wonders.

Features of "Starry Night Special Edition":
Very easy to understand user interface - excruciatingly simple to learn and use!
Simulate the night sky as seen from any location on Earth at any date spanning 4713 BC to 3000 AD
View the positions of tens of thousands of deep-sky objects, Parcos 3-D Catalog of stars to 9th magnitude, moon, sun, all the planets, comets,
Print star charts in black and white or in color for use at the telescope
Click on any celestial object to view detailed information
Automatically update Weekly Sky Events calendar from Program Updates via "Live Sky" menu, requires Internet access
"Live Sky" menu shows coming partial and total lunar and solar eclipse events, rare Jupiter events, etc.
View images of 110 Messier and 110 of the best Bright NGC Objects
Print detailed star charts zooming in or out to scale as you wish
Create time-skip animations of planet and comet orbits, can export screen images
Select any of thirty tours of the night sky to learn your way around

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