Stardom: The A-List

Stardom: The A-List 2.0

Stardom is a freemium game that simulates an actor's life of fame and fortune.
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Glu Games Inc.

Stardom: The A-List is a freemium game that purports to simulate an actor's life of fame and fortune. The player starts out at the bottom of the "E-list" and has to accrue a fan base with acting gigs, prominent relationships, parties, and fashion in order to move up the rankings.

The primary game mechanic is the expenditure of energy, and sometimes other in-game currencies, by clicking on blue buttons that appear in key locations. These reward the player with experience points, in-game money, and star points if the player is currently on a job; heart points if the player is currently on a date. Energy recharges slowly (one point every five minutes), encouraging players to return to the game every few hours. There is little to no skill involved in performing these tasks other than timing your play to optimize energy use.

Despite the simplicity of gameplay, Stardom is surprisingly enjoyable. The game is story-based with memorable characters and a high degree of freedom. The wardrobe is fun to play with as well, although the game's randomization of traits and clothes for NPCs results in some truly bizarre-looking colleagues. As you level up with experience, you have access to more clothes, more locations, and more gigs.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Certain non-obvious choices can change the outcome of your success
  • Possible to gain energy, in-game money, and experience by clicking on objects in the scene occasionally
  • Great soundtrack


  • Energy is spent quickly and recharges slowly
  • Not possible to change name or gender without resetting game; no ability for multiple users
  • Repetitive character movements get irritating
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