SQLGrinder 2.0

SQLGrinder is a SQL editor that gives you the tools needed to make your database
2.0.8 (See all)
Advenio LLC

SQLGrinder™ is a SQL editor and developer tool that gives you the tools needed to make your database development easy. Using SQLGrinder you can create, edit and execute SQL statements. You can browse your database schema.
Build SQL queries easily with a SQL editor that features syntax coloring, a large editing area, a table for viewing query results and data snapshots to temporarily save result sets.
Browse database schemas quickly and easily with the schema browser. View table columns, indexes, keys, and data, import and export data, and see procedure parameters and scripts with a few clicks.
Save and organize created queries and view the current SQL statement history for each database used.
Import and export table data in many different ways, from both the SQL editor and the schema browser.
Automate exports, execute arbitrary SQL statements and process data using AppleScript, Automator and AppleScript Studio.
SQLGrinder can display your errors and informational messages using configurable Growl floating notification windows.

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