SpringFlingHD 2.0

SpringFlingHD is a vertical platform game for the Mac.
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Owlchemy Labs

SpringFlingHD is a vertical platform game for the Mac. It is very similar to Doodle Jump, but the gameplay has changed a bit. In Doodle Jump you control a character who has to jump from platform to platform without falling. That character bounces off platforms automatically. In SpringFlingHD you control the jumps. You click anywhere on the screen and drag to the sides to control the direction of the jump and down to control the power of the jump. You are basically compressing a spring when you do this. When the spring falls on a platform, you have to repeat the process to jump to another platform. There are various power-ups along the way. The first one that you will see is a jetback, which will propel you upwards for a short while and then you will start falling, but equipped with a parachute. If you land on a platform, you get to keep playing.

There are two different modes and several levels. One of the modes gives you a static map. The other mode presents a scrolling map that will keep on moving up, with or without you. If you are not fast enough, you will lose.

José Fernández
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