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Spot Documents stores your files using your Amazon S3 and Amazon SimpleDB (separate account creation required). An iOS client and a Web interface are also available.
- Preview files from anywhere, without downloading them (eg Web client, iPad, or Mac app).
- Content search - search all your files online using content and spotlight-like searches (eg all images with a pixel count > 10 million), or geographic location, etc...
- Full versioning. You can upload new versions of files that you have edited, Spot Documents tracks them for you.
- Email links. You can send a time limited link to another person to let them download that one file for 24 hrs or a week. Unlimited storage: Amazon promises unlimited storage. Track and search hundreds of thousands of files per repository. Multiple repositories - you can join as many repositories as you like, so can have one for accounting, one for R&D, etc. User permissions - users can be made read only on an account. Scaling. Have 100 computers all accessing an account at the same time: Scalability is courtesy of Amazon S3. Proxy files. NOT uploading large files (you set a limit) Large files have all search data, previews, etc, uploaded, so searching and preview will still work. This saves storage costs, etc. Auto - upload - set some folders to auto upload new files to Spot Documents, such as, perhaps, all scanned bills, etc. Your files: Files are uploaded by Spot Documents to Amazon S3 in a standard manner, so they can be retrieved and managed by any S3 client, such as S3Fox, etc. You control access to all your assets. All of the metadata, search capability, etc is all stored in your account. We simply don't have access to it. iPad/iPod/Mac/Web access tools all available. Inexpensive: From $3 per month. Store 1000 2MB files for $4 per month. Nice icons and Previews for that Mac feel. Simple: Finding and downloading a document is as easy as Internet shopping. Uploading: Upload one at a time or using auto upload. Also can upload from the Web client, iPhone, etc.

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