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Back up and synchronize data among multiple devices.
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SpiderOakONE lets you back up and synchronize data among multiple devices. It uses an online service which has a desktop application available for different platforms. The client has a quite intuitive interface with various tabs. In this regard, you will probably find that the Dashboard tab is the most widely used as it allows accessing multiple features and monitoring the status of the different tasks. The other tabs have more specific functions, like configuring backup and synchronization tasks as well as managing transfers and sharing data with others.

SpiderOakONE facilitates making a selection of the desired files and folders by providing a list of types; yet, it does not allow backing up an entire drive. It is good news that it comes with various options that help reduce the volume of data to move. In this respect, for backups, you can use inclusion and exclusion rules for files meeting certain criteria. Likewise, it can automatically detect changes and synchronize only the modified parts of your files.

One of the main advantages of SpiderOakONE is security. In this respect, it is excellent that all data is transferred based on TLS/SSL. Likewise, AES 256-bit encryption keys are generated for your files and folders. Although it is good that password used to decrypt data is stored locally, it also means that there is no way to recover it in case you forget it.

Even though the service provider cannot access the encrypted data, they do keep a log containing other information, such as account, billing, operations and accessing devices. Moreover, as the company is based in the United States, they could be forced by the law to disclose such data to government agencies.

In general, SpiderOakONE is a good solution if you wish to preserve your data from possible losses or access them from different locations. There are various plans at reasonable prices and, luckily, it is also free to try for 21 days.

Pedro Castro
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  • Easily navigable interface
  • Reduces the data volume to transfer based on rules and change detection
  • Strong encryption algorithms


  • Risk of your data being disclosed to U.S. agencies
  • Does not support backups of an entire drive
  • No way to recover a lost password
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