Spotdox 1.7

Access Dropbox and share contents between computers.

Spotdox allows accessing a very popular cloud service: Dropbox. In this respect, it has the advantage of adding such a convenient feature as remote access to files on your computers, which is not readily supported by Dropbox.

The application can initially be set from either the Menu Bar or the Dock. However, most of your interaction with it takes place through its web interface. Logically, this requires authenticating to a Spotdox account or creating one. The mentioned web interface allows browsing locals folders like Home, Downloads and Documents as well as your Dropbox remote folders. Unfortunately, when accessing your local folders, the tool may take some time to show their contents.

It is very convenient that there is the possibility of searching for specific contents inside your folders. Luckily, you can use filters to find specific file types, such as images, movies, audio, documents or archives. Once you have found the desired files, it is good you can easily preview their contents before taking any action. At this point, you can also upload your selection to Dropbox using the Copy To Dropbox button. Then, it automatically manages the transfer without needing any additional action.

As mentioned, one of the best features of Spotbox is that it does not require uploading your files to the cloud for them to become available remotely. Instead, you can access files on other computers, which requires that both the local and the remote machines are running the app.

All in all, Spotbox is recommended if you need to synchronize files across multiple devices. The tool has practically no drawbacks. Still, you should know that some users may be concerned about its storing sensitive info in cache files, which is a potential threat to data security. It is a pity that the product is no longer free; yet, it can be tried at no cost.

Pedro Castro
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  • Allows sharing files between computers
  • Searches local files and allows filters
  • Supports previewing file contents


  • Sluggish when browsing local contents
  • Saves sensitive information in local cache files
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