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Speedy is a system utility that can really speed up many tasks for you.
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Speedy is a system utility that can really speed up many tasks for you. It is basically a file and application launcher that can run in two different ways. It can be located on the menu bar or it can run as a menu that floats on top of other applications. The second way is much more useful because the menu is always at hand.

For my testing of the application I used the floating menu. By default, there are nine icons on it. The first one on the left takes you to the preferences window, where you can customize how the application works and looks. From here, you can also add shortcuts, workflows and remove modules seen in the menu.

Speedy gives you quick access to all the applications that you open more frequently, as well as your recent files and visited websites. Workflows and Shortcuts are a great way to save time. The former lets you carry out system actions by either adding AppleScripts files or Automator workflows that you can call directly from the application. The latter is simply a collection of shortcuts to your favorite files, apps, or even folders.

If you take some time to set up this application, you could be seeing great savings in the time it takes you to carry out common operations like finding files, applications, moving data around, accessing websites, etc. But the good thing about the app is that it watches the files and applications that you run and lets you re-access them quickly.

José Fernández
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