SparkleUtil_II 2.2

Add Sparkle updating to REALbasic apps.
2.2 (See all)

This utility patches an application created with RealBasic and using Sparkle.framework (Sparkle Version 1.5 Cocoa distributed by Monkeybread Software) for updating.
SparkleUtil allows to patch automatically an application and produce the necessary files for uploading to your site an update of your application. If one assume that the application name is Sparkle, SparkleUtil_II performs the following tasks: Create DescriptionSparkle_Test.html. Create the file Info.plist and copy it in the bundle Sparkle (Sparkle Test:Contents :). Copy Sparkle.framework in the bundle Sparkle (Sparkle Test:Contents :MacOS :). Copy dsa_pub.pem in the bundle Sparkle (Sparkle Test:Contents :Resources :). Compress Sparkle in where X.X.X is the version number. Create the application signature. Create XSparkle_Test.xml. Create Sparkle_Test.xml (for compatibility with Sparkle Version 1.1 Carbon.)
Note that SparkleUtil II can update an application using Carbon Sparkle.framework version 1.1 as a system update, in an application using Sparkle.framework version 1.5 Cocoa.

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