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Spacebound is an interesting vertical platform game.
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Terry Demco
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Spacebound is an interesting vertical platform game. These games are becoming so popular lately. They are often released on the iOS store and then ported to the Mac. In this particular game you control a cute character who gets stranded on an alien planet and needs to escape. To do that you can use a jet-pack, but the only problem is that it can only be powered by ice. So you have to collect ice as you move upwards to keep on flying. You control the character by moving your mouse left and right. When you touch an ice ball, you will move up, but if you miss the ice balls, you will fall and die. Every 250 feet or so you will reach a checkpoint. You probably can stop there to rest your hands, but I missed it every time, so I wouldn't know for sure.

I like that Spacebound gives you different missions. There are 11 different missions, and each one sets a different goal. For example, the first mission asks you to collect 50 balls of ice. You do this just by playing. Some of the other missions ask you to go up a certain number of feet. The most complicated one is to find your home planet, which entails escaping the atmosphere of the planet in which you are trapped.

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