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The gameplay of Brettrix will be familiar for many of you.
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When it comes to Tetrices, there is not a lot of variation. With that in mind, we put all of the variation into one package. You can thank us later.A game in progress (16609 bytes) Or you can just keep playing it and not say a word... it's all up to you, because this game is completely free.
The gameplay of Brettrix will be familiar for many of you. Different shaped pieces will fall from the top of the window, and you have to move and rotate them to get them to fit into the pile at the bottom. Whenever you complete a row of bricks, that row will disappear and the other bricks will fall down a level. The aim of the game is to get as many points as you can before the pile of bricks reaches the top.
One of the major selling points of that wholely remarkable game 'Brettrix', apart from its relative cheapness and the fact that it has the words 'The Swiss-Army Cuckoo of Tetrices' written in large, friendly letters on its 'About' screen, is its huge number of options. There are a whole lot of options on how the game looks, how the game is played, and what you get score for. You can configure your own sets of gameplay and scoring options and have a high score list for each one.

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