Songwriter's Companion

Songwriter's Companion 3.1

Manages and updates data on song writing and composing.
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Robert Parker
Organize the records and development sketches for musical compositions in the environment combining a lyrics editor, a title list, a hook sheet manager and an audio player. All the modules are integrated for quick creation of a complete song project.

Songwriter's Companion allows you, the songwriter, to capture all your song ideas (titles/hooks, lyrics, and audio) in one easy-to-use application and then develop those ideas into completed songs.
Songwriter's Companion includes a full featured text editor, Rhyme Finder for finding rhymes, and an audio recording tool. All your work is highly searchable and sortable. Even when you've got hundreds or thousands of songs in progress you'll find what you're looking for with Songwriter's Companion.
Get organized, get serious, get Songwriter's Companion.
The most recent review of Songwriter's Companion claims that you cannot import audio. Please note that you can indeed import audio by dragging and dropping mp3 and m4a audio files between the Finder and the Audio tab inside Songwriter's Companion. Sadly, there is no way for us to contact the reviewer directly to inform him of this fact. If you have a feature request, or an issue please email us at

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