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Solitaire Perfect Match is an entertaining card game.
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Solitaire Perfect Match is an entertaining game for Mac users of all ages where your objective is to match the identical cards from the board. Each challenge comes with a certain score goal which you need to achieve before you run out of all your card moves.

The app features a nicely-drawn and intuitive interface, allows you to play the game in fullscreen or windowed mode, and lets you disable sound effects and background music if necessary. In addition, you can always replay missions if you wish to increase your overall score.

After finishing a challenge you can receive 5,10 or 15 points (depending on how many stars you get - 1,2 or 3) which you can use to acquire power-ups (Undo actions, Shuffle options, and Joker card). The app also provides you with additional points when completing certain goals from the Achievements list.

To be honest, Solitaire Perfect Match is now in my top 3 card games. The challenges are different from one another so you can never get bored of playing this fun game.

To conclude, I'd say it's worth installing this Solitaire Perfect Match on your Mac if you're into playing card games on your spare time. The app comes without a price tag, hence, I can't find any reason why you shouldn't at least try it on your computer.

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  • Nice graphics
  • Provides you with dozens of challenges
  • Offers you plenty of power-ups and bonus points
  • Lets you replay levels


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