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SOHO Contacts is the most powerful contact manager for Mac OS X. Use it to manage relationships with your clients, family, and friends. It supports all the conveniences of a modern contact manager including phone dialing, call logging, automatic relationship links, auto-completion, map generation, iCal event and to-do linking, etc. You can attach unlimited call logs, notes, follow-up appointment, tasks, and documents to contacts. Best of all, you can synchornize your contacts between multiple computers, cell phones, iPod's, and Palm handhelds. SOHO Contacts is as equally suitable for the sole proprietor with a single computer as the small business with a few dozen networked computers. This all new contact manager is based on a commercial database engine for high-performance and reliability. Its client/server design makes sharing contacts over a network easy for workgroups. Mobile users can take shared contacts with them when they disconnect from the network, so they always have access to the shared information. When they reconnect to the network all of their changes to the shared contacts will automatically synchornize with the master list of shared contacts.
What's new in this version:
Added an Add Block button to bottom of the main viewer window to quickly add blocks to the contact card Added a Show/Hide Empty Blocks button to bottom of the main viewer window to quickly show/hide empty blocks Added ability to attach notes of different types (movie, audio, Web archive, etc.) from within SOHO Contacts Added insert date & time commands in the Format menu Added seconds to the timers in the phone...



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