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Snippery allows any user to securely save and categorize all their snippets of text...
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Snippery allows any user to securely save and categorize all their snippets of text, from a few lines to very big text fragments: written from scratch, imported from HD, downloaded as HTML from the specified URL, or with the output obtained from any Shell session done in Snippery's Terminal Mode. These snippet creation modes are powered with a wide set of text edition operations, RegEx support, and some automatizations, as for example the definition and use of text templates with on-the-fly placeholders substitution. From the security point of view, Snippery users can activate the encryption of the data, and create as many backups as desired.
For all those Geeks, Shell lovers out there: there is a really powerful mode inside Snippery that brings all the shell windows you may need to unleash your mojo. From executing remote commands over an SSH session (with password pause detection), and save the resulting output, to type all those arcane commands to list directories or to execute and combine more complex scripts. The best of all is that you can create your own automated shell scripts from Snippery.
Use all the power of this feature to create dynamic templates that can be expanded later typing just a few characters! The Text Expander entries can contain placeholders that you can substitute with the real content during the expansion process. You can think about that like some kind of variables inserted in the template and whose values you'll assign at a later time. This way a same template can expose several key texts when you're ready to use them. Preview every downloaded webpage, and even edit and see on the fly all the changes applied. From one side, this is the best way to preserve the content of a webpage that you are interested in. From other side, you can find in Snippery a way to sketch HTML ideas and check how they look in real time.

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