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SnapWeb allows you to take snapshots of an entire website.
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SnapWeb allows you to take snapshots of an entire website. The app lets you capture the totality of a website, even when it can't fit in your screen. This is something that usually happens when you try to take a screenshot of a given website. Most websites are very long (vertically), and you would have to take multiple screenshots and then stitch them together to capture the full page. SnapWeb provides an incredibly easy way to do that.

The app lets you open any website in its built-in web browser. If you click on "Save", a snapshot of the entire page will be saved into an JPG file, which you can open on any picture viewer. I like that you can start using SnapWeb out of the box. It requires almost zero user input. But, that doesn't mean that it is not customizable. If you head into the options window, you will find quite a few settings to play with. You can set minimum values for size, customize the naming of the snapshots, and set the format that you want to convert them to. I like the fact that you can save snapshots into a PDF file which will be editable.

All the snapshots that you take using the trial version will be watermarked.

In my testing, the app did an excellent job of capturing full pages. It did so effortlessly and quickly.

José Fernández
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  • It works very well
  • Easy to use
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