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Snake Snacker is a modern variation of the popular game of Snake.
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Snake Snacker is a modern variation of the popular game of Snake. The objective is simple: you need to collect all the fruit that you see on the screen. There are apples, oranges, and some power-ups available. When you pick up a fruit, your snake will grow a bit. You control the movement of the snake with your arrow keys. After a while, the snake will be incredibly big, from eating so much. This makes the game considerably harder since if you collide with any part of your own body, you will lose. There are also a few obstacles scattered across the screen that will kill you. Hitting any of the edges of the screen will also lead to your untimely demise. There is a power-up that reduces your size and one that slows you down. The snake will start moving faster and faster as time goes by and as its size increases.

I used to play Snake a lot when I had it on my cellphone. I liked it quite a bit. This variation doesn't offer the same challenging and fun gameplay. It starts off too slow and it becomes uncontrollable too fast. In less than a minute, you will struggle a lot to keep playing. It is a free game, though, so I can't complain about that. Perhaps, a few different difficulty levels would help the user practice before they have to face such a challenge.

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  • Free
  • Power-ups
  • Nice additions to gameplay


  • It transitions from too slow to too fast too quickly



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