SMART Utility

SMART Utility 3.1

SMART Utility helps you detect hard drive mechanical or electrical issues.
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There can be numerous reasons why, your hard drive could fail, such as accidental shocks, mechanical or electrical issues. SMART Utility is a program that lets you know how bad the current state of your hard drive is and whether you need to back up your device.

The application offers you detailed information regarding the connected hard drive, more exactly, attributes which indicate its temperature, pending bad sectors, CRC errors (CRC as in Cyclic Redundancy Check) and many other. However, if you're not an experienced user, you might have difficulties understanding the terms.

Depending on the amount and relevance of errors that the program manages to find, it displays the overall SMART status (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology). If the message is Passed, the hard drive is in a good condition; if not, my guess is that you should run a back up as soon as possible.

To conclude, SMART Utility is a very useful application that can detect any mechanical or electrical issue on your hard drive. By using this effective program you can keep track of your hard drive's health.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Straightforward interface
  • Immediately detects hard drive issues
  • Offers you detailed information about your drives


  • Not recommended for inexperienced users
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