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Free Organize and optimize multiple backup files.
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Synchronize and back up files and folders on multiple devices. Create multiple backups and organize them according to set specification for quick access and restoration. Work with documents, archives, etc. Update individual backups on a set schedule or manually.

Smart Sync Lite is intended for synchronizing data between two folders. Luckily, it supports not only local directories but also remote locations, such as FTP servers and Dropbox. Since it allows bidirectional syncing, it can create exact copies on both sides of the process.

In order to create a Synchronize task in Smart Sync Lite, you can drag and drop the two folders or open them via Finder. Next, you can set your synchronize mode, which you can do by configuring rules. For instance, it is possible to sync the two folders or just back up one of them. Likewise, the tool can be set to copy in either direction (left to right or right to left). Moreover, you can decide what to do when there are such conflicts as the file existing on both sides. Finally, you may also create a list of exclude filters. It is a shame that sync tasks must be invoked manually. However, it is good that you can preview the results of the synchronization before it is actually performed.

Regrettably, Smart Sync Lite is a free version of a more complete product, and as such, it is severely crippled. In this respect, its main limitation is that it does not synchronize subfolders, which makes practically useless when you are dealing with complex directory structures. The application can be downloaded from the Mac Store.

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  • Supports various sync modes
  • Supports remote locations
  • Allows using rules and filters
  • Solves sync conflicts
  • Allows previewing synced results


  • Does not sync subfolders
  • Does not support scheduling



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