Smally 1.0

Now you can access your frequently viewed websites quickly.
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Now you can access your frequently viewed websites quickly. With Smally it's available by one click. It can open websites as mobile browser (it behaves like Safari on iOS), so you can access lightweight versions of your favorite websites.

- Use compact and well-organized main browser window

- Create bookmarks with ability to save browser behavior (Mobile or Desktop) for every single bookmark

- Enjoy one-click access to browser window

- Drag-and-drop to rearrange your bookmarks
- Easily switch to Safari when you need more features
Imagine that you can open your mobile Gmail account by one click, check your inbox, answer to your friends and then come back to you work. Just a few seconds. You can quickly switch to Safari (or other browser you prefer) at any time if you need some additional functionality.
Smally perfectly works with most mobile websites like Facebook Mobile, GMail, Myspace, Google Translate or Google Maps. You can instantly access your information, but when you need more screen space just click on Smally icon in status bar. Click once again and Smally window appears on the same position with same page opened.
Smally is a bookmarks-based browser. So you can assign browser mode for each bookmark you save. For example you may have two different bookmarks for Facebook Mobile and regular Facebook. Also you can switch browser behavior on the go accessing options context menu.
We worked hardly on Smally's user interface and endeavored to make it compact and usable. We removed anything unneeded and made Smally window clear and easy to use.
Smally is extremely lightweight app for blazing-fast startup and work. WebKit rendering engine used by Smally had already been loaded by your Mac on startup. So you can open Smally for less than a second. Smally provides you with set of necessary functions. We cut out everything that can interrupt your browsing and slowdown your Mac.
We know that any functionality is not enough. We are open for discussion and your ideas. You can suggest a feature on our website and we will implement it in next major or minor update.

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