Simple HTTP Server Pro

Simple HTTP Server Pro 3.1

Creates an HTTP server for development and testing of web apps.
3.1 (See all)
General Arcade
Develop web application in the environment created on an HTTP server run and launched by the suite. The environment enables writing and modifying software code as well as running local versions of HTML sites. Media streaming to and from mobile devices is also supported.

Simple HTTP Server Pro — powerful, simple to configure http server, that can be used for:
- Web app development and testing
- Hosting local html websites
- Local File Sharing
- Media streaming to devices (phones, tablets and game consoles)
- Very easily to configure
- Bojour broadcasting
- IPv4 and IPv6 support
- Password protection
- SSL encryption support
- Directory indexing/listing with fancy look
- WebDAV support
- Multithreaded

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