ShrinkIt 1.1

A small tool that reduces the size of PDFs by eliminating metadata.
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ShrinkIt allows users to reduce the size of their PDF files. Before expecting a bit too much from this tool, please note that its purpose is to remove the metadata stored in these formats and not compress it. It works best when dealing with multi-layer Illustrator created PDF files and does little or nothing to other PDFs.

The application has a drop zone where the files added will automatically have their metadata stripped. ShrinkIt supports batch processing but only for files and not for PDF directories. For backup reasons, the original PDF file will not be replaced; it will only have a prefix added to its file name ("_org_"), while a new shrinked PDF will be created with the initial name. If after processing the output is larger in size than the original, the file will not be replaced.

I have tested the application by using multiple types of PDFs and managed to reduce the size of most Illustrator created or vector containing PDF files. ShrinkIt uses Apple's PDF processor so no other applications are needed to run it. The utility processes files quite quickly and should serve most Illustrator users.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Batch support for shrinking
  • Highly effective


  • No output settings
  • Only works with files and not folders
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