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ShadeIt! is an application that lets you block your screen momentarily.
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ShadeIt! is an application that lets you block your screen momentarily. The developers of this app describe it as a fast screen shader or a boss-screen. The application's goal is to give you a fast way to block your screen. This of course has many uses. If you are working at the office and looking at something you shouldn't, a way to quickly change the screen back to something less incriminating is always a good thing to have.

To run ShadeIT! all you have to do is extract the zip file that you download and double-click on the ShadeIt!.app file. The first time that you do this, you will see some very brief instructions on how to activate the app. Basically, when you run the app, you register a hotkey with your system. This hotkey is the Caps Lock key. When you press it, the screen goes black and a big hand with a middle finger elevated is shown. The meaning of this sign varies by culture, but I am sure it is offensive. You can change this by replacing some PNG files in your system. Ideally, you would replace the middle finger PNG file by a snapshot of your system. When you want to deactivate the app, simply double click on ShadeIt! again. Because typing with the app running is a pain.

José Fernández
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  • It can quickly change your screen to a set snapshot


  • Having the app running and typing don't go well together
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