Gaze HD Beautiful Views

Gaze HD Beautiful Views 1.6

Turn your iPad into a gallery of beautiful, HD Video scenes.
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Zen Lake Software

Gaze HD Beautiful Views is a compilation of HD videos. These videos can be used as screensavers or you can just view them from within the application in a window or in a full-screen mode. There are twenty different videos. And you can sort them by type on the left pane. The available categories are Waterfalls, Rain, Clouds, Fire and Tranquility. By default, every video is listed on the right pane with a snapshot of what the video looks like. When you double click on one of those snapshots, the video will start playing. Each video is about 20 to 30 seconds long, and after it finishes playing, the next video in the list will start playing. You can manually advance or go back to other videos via the playback buttons on the top toolbar. You can also pause video playback and adjust the volume.

In conclusion, all of the videos seem to have been recorded in HD and they have excellent sound. Some of the videos are looped to make it to the 30 second mark. If you want to play a video in a loop, you can do so from the menubar, where there is an option that lets you select whether the videos shuffle in order, randomly, or not at all.

José Fernández
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  • Great quality video and audio
  • Nice design


  • The videos are too short for looping, and the transitions could be smoother
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