Serato DJ

Serato DJ 2.3

Create and customize audio DJ mixes on your Mac.
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Generate professional DJ presentations. Select multiple audio tracks and mix them according to set specifications, adjust the results manually, work with various equalizers and samples to create unique-sounding compositions. Import files from your iTunes library.

Serato DJ is a professional-grade DJ software suite for the future, with a comprehensive set of features aimed at professional DJs. Plug-and-Play: Plug in the supported hardware and Serato DJ is ready to go. Library: Easily add and organize your favorite music or simply DJ from your existing iTunes library. Intuitive Design: Streamlined design for quick and easy use of your favorite features. Sampler: Trigger up to 24 Samples, Stings or Loops over your tracks with the built in Sample Player. Cues and Loops: Easily trigger and loop the favorite parts of your track. FX: Add another dimension to your mix with powerful FX from iZotope. Sync: Use Sync to get your tracks in time quickly. Expansion Packs: For Serato DJ add even more functionality.
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