SendTo for Final Cut Pro X

SendTo for Final Cut Pro X 1.1

Enables quick sharing of files between Adobe media programs.
1.1 (See all)
Export and import media clips from Final Cut Pro by selecting them in the timeline of the working area and sending them to Motion and After Effects. The utility works with .fcpxml project files and opens them independently. Customizing the export parameters is possible.

Send clips from your Final Cut Pro X timeline to Motion and After Effects! Export your project as .fcpxml, drag it onto the app, and select the clip you want to send. Then click "Send To" to setup a composition preset with in/out, duration, frame rate and resolution in Motion or After Effects.
- Save time setting up Motion and After Effects projects
- Ease the transition from Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X
- Drag and drop interface
- Requires FCPX and Motion 5
- Tested in After Effects CS6 and CS5.5, but may work in earlier versions above CS3. It must be installed on the same system, as SendTo connects with it via scripting. If After Effects complains that it "can not run a script while a modal dialog is waiting for a response", close any dialogs and click Send again. To avoid this, turn of dialogs that popup when you start AE.
- Sending synchronized clips, retimed clips, and images from FCPX isn't currently supported

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