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SelfCloud is an application that lets you have the same photo, music, video, and documents on all of your devices anytime and anywhere, without help of third party server. You will be able to view just the same files on your any device installed SelfCloud. Nevertheless, no third party server holds your files unless you want, they all reside on your own devices. If you want to have a private space to share many files with your your family without meddling of any third party server, this app will be the best solution. Features: You will have your own private storage where you have the same files synchronized between your own devices. You can share your contents with your friends and family Your friends and family will have the same contents with you anywhere, anytime, once you share to them. Because, there isn't any third party server to hold the contents, one of your devices will be server. SelfCloud has its own notification mechanism that sends share message by SMS, E-Mail. Even though your friends don't have device with SelfCloud, they can view the shared files by Internet web browser once you shared it.

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