Secret Agent DT

Secret Agent DT 1.0

With real life animation, find secret rooms and open safes to find the secrets.
1.0 (See all)
Aerende, Inc

A shadowy group pursues their masterplan and your mission is to find your way up through their organization using your wits and your weapons until you determine what they are really up to.
In the Cote d'Azur find your way through warehouses, high society parties, office buildings, casinos and construction sites.
Thugs and enemy agents will stand in your way until you take on the boss himself at the top of the world.
Hide from enemy agents behind working doors and ride the working elevators through a six story construction site until you corner the boss for the showdown.
You'll use knives, pistols, auto-shotguns, mines, and grenades to keep your enemy at bay as well as Night Vision Goggles, and an Invisibility Jacket to sneak
past your enemies without firing a shot!

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