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It protects any private information stored on your computer.
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Secret Files X offers a fast and easy solution to protect any private information stored on your computer. Namely, the program will hide the files whose content you don't want to be revealed to other users. You will be the only one able to manage and master the documents in question, since the power to hide – and respectively unhide – specific files belongs to you only.

This free utility comes with a neat and intuitive interface that makes the selection of files to hide extremely simple. As you probably noticed, I didn't mention anything about hiding folders containing multiple files. Such a task is available only with the pro version, which obviously implies a cost. So, if you intend to keep away from prying eyes entire folders and still not to purchase the program, you will need to select and hide one file at a time. Still, the good thing is that you have the ability to organize the files into folders within the application. You can label the newly created groups to better fit your searching needs. This way, you will have a clear and structured view of the hidden files.

Adding files to the list panel implies computer system search by tags or file path. Once the files are imported, you just need to assign the 'secret' attribute to each of them. At this stage, the ticked files can't be seen anymore at their physical location. You can access the hidden contents strictly from within Secret Files X software program. Furthermore, you may secure the utility with a password protection, so that no one can open the tool without your consent.

What the program literally does is hide the files you don't want to be opened by other people using your computer. However, the app has a series of deficiencies that you need to be aware of if you decide to use it. Besides its limitation to hide only files (folders not being supported in the standard version), the program has another major drawback – if you delete a file group by accident, you won't receive any warning sign. The files within the list are removed for good and you no longer have the possibility to unhide them. You will probably need to resort to other tools in order to remove the protection. In my opinion, Secret Files X is efficient only if you share the same computer with amateurs.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Free tool
  • Protects private information
  • Manages hidden files
  • Organizes the hidden files into folders


  • No warning sign if deleting a file group by accident
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