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Looking up for something online usually takes an effort. We have to move mouse to open a browser, type in the address, then type in the keywords. The Search It proram helps you to find whatever you want almost instantly. A combination of keys will open up the search screen, type in your keywords, and enjoy the results.

This program can do almost everything for you. You can search the web using different search engines, open up articles in Wikipedia, and play the songs you want to listen to. The program's limitation is that it can do only three actions at a time. There are three key combinations that will do the corresponding actions. So if you need the program to perform four operations at a time, you are out of luck.

According to the program's preferences the program should launch at the system startup, but that's not happening for me, though it is a minor bug and I do not mind turning it on myself. Its little icon is displaed in the Windows notification area as "s!". You can also open the search window pressing the control and escape keys. You may customize the combination in the program's preferences.

When the main window opens, you can type whatever you'd like to search for and hit enter - by default the program searches Google. If you would like to look something on Wikipedia, you would press the command and enter keys. Finally, I set the program to play songs in iTunes when shift and enter is pressed. All of those three actions can be customized to fit your needs. There is a number of databases and search engines featured in the drop-down menu. Another word of praise for the program is its support of various languages. You can set it to look up for information in languages other than English.

Overall this is a really nice utility to have at hand. And despite it has a couple of bugs, it really has earned 5 in my book.

JW Senior editor
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