Screen Snake Plus

Screen Snake Plus 3.0

A Mac version of the classic mobile arcade game.
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3.0 (See all)
Control a digital snake moving across the screen and consume bonuses to grow its tail. The goal of the game is to grow as large as possible without biting your own tail when moving across the playing field. The Mac version features updated graphics and effects.

Screen Snake Plus is a re-make of the classic snake game, but it's a very original re-make: instead of playing it in a boring window, let's play it on the screen itself!
Features: Simple, intuitive design Change the snake's color (by pressing the space bar) Small file size Multiple levels! Enable/Disable collision with the side of the screen Enable/Disable levels And much, much more!!! Instructions: Use the arrow keys to control the snake. Pressing the space bar changes the snake's color. The goal of the game is to catch as many dots as you can without colliding with the snake itself! Pressing enter pauses the game!
So, if you're bored, waiting for that download to finish, what are you waiting for?

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