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Scratch Play 8.0

Play any media on your Mac.
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ScratchPlay is a truly comprehensive, no-cost media player. It supports Raw footage from cinematic and DSLR cameras, formats commonly found in VFX and editorial pipelines, and those found across the web. It also features Assimilate's CONstruct media management timeline, versatile color-grading based on the ASC CDL standard, and robust metadata handling capabilities.
Supported formats include, but are not limited to: camera RAW - Red, Arri, Sony, Canon and DSLRs; editorial/VFX - MXF, DPX, OpenEXR, and ProRes; consumer - QuickTime, WMV, and MP4.
The CONstruct: A unique interpretation of a timeline The CONstruct is a visual map to media that starts with a basic timeline, and evolves to resolution and format-agnostic version control. It can contain any combination of different formats, resolutions or color spaces, including REC 2020, the new 4K ultra HD color space, which can all be framed within a user-defined output resolution. Users can quickly switch between versions, compare with dual-view and wipe capabilities, or use multiple CONstructs to more efficiently manage their media.
Scratch Play features a real-time ASC CDL color toolset for generating LUTs, CDLs or JPEG snapshots for sharing metadata or looks across projects. It also supports features typically found in pro applications such as camera-specific color and metadata control, and real-time clip rotation, framing, and resizing. Scratch Play is an ideal tool for DPs and DITs to quickly review shots, pull stills, create looks and export CDLs or LUTs - without interrupting DIT cart transcodes. VFX artists can quickly review animations or renders in context: frame-accurately, at full resolution, with full color consistency. In addition to more high-end on set work, this is also great for semi-pro shooters and hobbyists to review the Raw shots from their DSLR cameras.

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