Final Vinyl

Final Vinyl 2.5

Records and optimizes audio files from vynil discs.
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2.5.1 (See all)
Griffin Technology

Convert analog recording from vinyl disks into digital audio files by connecting the player to your Mac and processing the incoming signal in the application. It features tools for optimizing, mastering and mixing sounds, saving the files and splitting them for storage and playback.

Audio application that allows users to easily record their collection of old vinyl records using just the Griffin iMic and their turntable. Previously users wishing to record their old record collection had to hook up their entire stereo system just to power their turntable. Now users can connect the record player directly to their iMic, and using Final Vinyl record and save all their old albums. They can then make them into CDs, MP3s. Final Vinyl does more than just record old albums; it is a fully functional general audio recording application as well. It can be used to record instruments, microphones, and reel-to-reel tapes plugged into the iMic. It includes a 10-band Equalizer that is capable of significantly altering and enhancing a user's sound input. Version 2.5.1 includes updated and improved user interface, new vocalreducer effect, supports opening multiple simultaneous audio files, and other improvements.

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