ScrapIt Pro X

ScrapIt Pro X 1.3

A scrapbook application for collecting and editing data.
1.3 (See all)
John V. Holder Software
Input text-based information of various project and access the data copied to the Clipboard in the scrapbook application providing the capabilities of a basic word processor and editor. The data for copying and pasting is saved in a native file with storage options.

ScrapIt Pro X is the editable, searchable multimedia scrapbook for OS X... and a mini-word processor to boot! Anything you can copy to the clipboard can be pasted and stored in a ScrapIt Pro X file.
ScrapIt Pro X does not work with OS X 10.7. If you are upgrading to Lion, you should export all data into individual files from within ScrapIt Pro X. See documentation for full info on exporting data.

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