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Write short temporary notes to use later in your projects.
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Scrap Paper is a digital note-taking application that lets you write short temporary notes. The tool allows you to note down thoughts and ideas as they come to your mind. In addition, the program preserves digital information you paste from various sources to use it later in your projects.

The app installs in the menu bar of your Mac so you can launch it with ease whenever the situation requires it. However, you can both open and close the program with a custom hotkey you set from Preferences. Each note you take can be renamed, tagged, and saved at a computer location of your choice. The notes are saved as TXT files so you can perform basic operations like cut, copy, and paste. Furthermore, you can export your notes to Mail, Messages, Notes, Reminders from within the application. The Preferences menu lets you customize your workflow the way you want. Therefore, you can choose to keep the window in front of other apps or make it visible on all spaces and within full-screen apps. In addition, you have the ability to select the font style, the text color, and the background. Another good thing about this tool is that it keeps your notes in sync using iCloud.

In short, Scrap Paper is a handy app that saves text snippets for later use. It provides basic text editing features, convenient sharing options, and practical main window appearances.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Open and close the app with a unique hotkey
  • Notes can be renamed
  • Share notes to Mail, Messages, Notes, and Reminders
  • Customizable window appearance


  • Saves only with .txt extension