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This app helps you easily and quickly find files on your Mac.
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Scherlokk is an efficient file and folder finder designed by Naarak-Studio for Mac. This program comes as an alternative to searching documents and directories on your computer with Spotlight, a Mac default app that can be accessed from your Menu Bar.

Scherlokk lets you search files and folders on local drives, external storage devices (USB sticks, pen drives, memory cards, etc.), etc. You can also use this application to easily locate hidden documents or system files.

This program gives you access to various search filters. For instance, you can search files with sizes ranging between 5 and 100MB, documents that were created two days ago, etc.

There are many differences between Scherlokk and Spotlight. First of all, the latter doesn't provide you with an option to compare text or binary files or to choose in which directory to search documents. Nevertheless, Spotlight can be accessed at any time, directly from your Menu Bar, an aspect which might prove to be important to users who wish to minimize the number of apps they run on their computers.

In my opinion, it's worth buying this program only if you need it for comparing files. Otherwise, you can continue working with Mac's Spotlight app for searching documents and directories on your Mac.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Immediately finds files and folders
  • Helps you find files by searching on various devices
  • Lets you compare files


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