Sarah Maribu and the Lost World 2.0

Sarah Maribu and the Lost World is a puzzle game for Mac.
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This puzzle game takes you on the journey of Sarah Maribu and her husband, Michael, to an ancient land filled with dinosaurs. The app brings you plenty of tricky challenges, nicely-drawn scenes which you need to explore, and a comprehensive help guide.

You start your adventure next to your husband but everything changes when being on camping. Michael is abducted by dinosaur worshiping natives and your new objective is to rescue him (the original goal is to explore the island).

I tested the first two levels. Each mission consisted of three challenges (a hidden object game, a matching puzzle, and another hidden object scene) which weren't neither simple nor difficult to complete.

Personally, I wasn't impressed with the quality of its cinematics (graphics are OK, but it doesn't play the dialog between the characters - you can read the characters' lines from the screen). Another thing I don't like is that the game plays 2 or 3 songs in the background so the music is repetitive.

Briefly, I'd say it's worth buying Sarah Maribu and the Lost World only if the aforementioned flaws don't matter much to you. Otherwise, I'd suggest you to try other hidden object games to install and play on your Mac.

AG Senior editor
Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Nicely-drawn graphics
  • Brings a wide variety of puzzles
  • Automatically saves the gameplay progress for any player profile
  • Comes with a comprehensive help guide


  • Not so impressive cinematics
  • Repetitive background music



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