Sapphire 3.0

Lightweight & versatile document-based project, file...
3.0 (See all)

Sapphire is a lightweight & versatile document-based project, file, & application manager and can be used either as a standalone solution or in conjunction with other project or file management application. Rather than maintain a single application database, Sapphire creates individual XML database files for groups and subgroups of your project's documents, notes, and workflow utilities.
✦ Tags can be uniquely defined for each Sapphire project file.
✦ Open any tagged file or application no matter where it's located in the file system (including Dropbox folders) with one click.
✦ Easily launch scriplets and Automator Action directly from your Project File.
✦ Sapphire Files are Unicode documents portable across other platforms (including mobile).
✦ Sapphire Project Files are easily opened & managed by other XML-capable applications.
✦ Fully compatible with Dropbox and Dropbox Add-Ons.
Simple enough for the smallest projects and sophisticated enough for the most complex, Sapphire is a must-have utility for anyone mixing diverse file and document types and applications in their daily workflow.

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