Samurai vs Zombies Defense 3.0

Free An action defense game in which you summon allies to fight by your side.
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Samurai vs. Zombies is an action defense game in which you play a samurai sworn to protect the magical town gates from incoming zombie hordes. To do this you have more than just your sword and bow - you can summon troops to fight by your side and cast spells to enhance your fighting prowess. There are also items and charms that can aid you, but these are somewhat rare and will cost real money to use if you run out.

There are over 50 separate waves of increasing zombie mayhem, and the player is forced to upgrade their weapons, spells, defense structures, and allies to match each one. Thankfully these upgrades are mostly purchaseable with the game's non-premium currency - only at higher levels, when strategic players have amassed premium currency through in-game bonuses, does that currency come heavily into play.

There are several in-game features that really frost this already tasty cake (pardon the unusual metaphor). There is a whole set of levels in which the player can fight on the zombies' side, with new allies, spells, and defenses. There is a Pachinko mini-game in which the player can obtain premium items at non-premium prices. And every five levels there is a bonus round in which you can stop worrying about keeping your hero safe and just focus on zombie decimation.

Anyone familiar with Ronimo Games' Swords & Soldiers, which came out several years prior, will see a few potentially disturbing similarities with Samurai vs. Zombies. The overall gameplay is the same, and there is one spell that has exactly the same animation. But the graphical style and strategic elements of the game are so radically different that Samurai vs. Zombies feels more like a well-executed tribute than a software plagiarism.

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  • Ability to earn in-game currency from failed wave attempts means your time isn't wasted
  • Great graphics and strategic gameplay


  • Cannot revisit previous waves
  • Don't get sucked in if premium currency ticks you off


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