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Samurai Last Exam is a very interesting and original game.
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Samurai Last Exam is a very interesting and original game. In it, you have to take your Samurai exam by serving sushi to people. The game starts with an introductory scene where the student is asking his master whether he is ready to take his last exam. The next thing you know, he is ready to serve sushi behind a restaurant bar. There are different restaurants or "Ways" where you can serve sushi, and different levels in each restaurant. The first few levels that I played were easy, and all you had to do was click on the necessary ingredients to make a requested sushi recipe. After a few levels, the ingredients were not displayed anymore, so you had to either remember the recipe from the previous levels, or consult the cookbook. There are power-ups that allow you to display the ingredients for a brief time when you click on the order, the more expensive power-ups even circle the ingredients for you, which make your job easier when there are several customers waiting in line. Fulfilling orders was a bit repetitive. You can only add one ingredient at the time to your cutting board and you can't make more than one order at the time, so you often end up repeating the same orders over and over again, one after the other.

Samurai Last Exam has a ton of levels and new recipes are added all the time. The list of power-ups is also long. This means that the game can be played for quite some time before it gets old.

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  • Well designed
  • Lots of levels and power-ups
  • Funny story


  • It can get repetitive



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