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SafeCat is a nice application for cat owners and breeders.
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SafeCat is a nice application for cat owners and breeders that allows them to keep a detailed record of the cats they have. The application allows you to store the information regarding your cats in multiple tabs. In the 'General' tab, you will be able to include the main data of your cat (name, birth date breed, dad's name, gender, color, photo), vet information, owner information, and any identification marks. In the 'Medical tab' you can include the history of veterinary visits and medical conditions. The other tabs are 'Behavior' (where you can add any behavioral information, cat's preferences, etc.), 'Breeders' (which you will only use if you are a breeder), 'Grief' (where you can write whatever you want in case your cat passed away), 'Family' (where you can draw the cat's family tree), 'Emergency' (where you can add any information you need in case of an emergency, such as vets, doctors, clinics, etc.), and finally 'Expenses' (where you can add all the cat's expenses).

The application allows you to add as many cats as you want and of course, you can print whatever tab you need or the whole database of a certain cat. All the cats can be ordered alphabetically and the information can be exported as text or to an iPod. The user interface is extremely easy to use and very attractive.

In short, if you are looking for a application to have a detailed record of your cats in a simple and nice way, SafeCat may be a good choice.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Very easy-to-use and nice
  • You can add as many cats as you want
  • You can export the information and print it
  • Clear division of the info


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