Gardenscapes is a lovely game in which you will restore a garden.
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Gardenscapes is a lovely game in which you will need to collect money in order to restore a garden. To get the necessary money to buy things for your new garden you will need to sell old things from the house. Customers will arrive and ask you for an item that you need to find in a crowded room. Once you find the object, the client will give you money, which you will need to collect by clicking on the coins.
The faster you serve the customers, the more money they will give you. If you have trouble finding the items, you can use the hints. There is a total of three hints and if you use them, you will be able to see what the objects to find look like for a couple of minutes. Otherwise, the objects will appear in letters, which makes the game harder. At the end of each sale, you will be able to buy new items for your garden. Sadly, the objects will be placed automatically once you pick them, so you won't be able to select exactly where you want them to be. The game offers two modes: Relaxed and Timed, and once you finish your garden you can use it to decorate your screen as a screensaver. Graphics are simple but nice, sounds are pleasant, and the music is lovely.
To sum up, if you are looking for a nice game to keep you busy and entertained, Gardenscapes may be a good choice.

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  • Enjoyable
  • Nice gameplay
  • Challenging
  • Two modes


  • You cannot place the items where you want

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A nice game to fill some spare time. It is not very difficult and has simple graphics, but is fun to play.

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A nice game though it becomes boring after some time.

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