SafariSort 2.0

Lightweight and fast tool for sorting out Safari bookmarks.
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Apple's Safari stands as one of the most popular web browsers alongside Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. For all its features though, Safari has been surprisingly lacking the ability to sort out bookmarks alphabetically. This fact has frustrated its users. SafariSort steps in; it is a small, free application that puts all bookmarks in order quickly and efficiently.

SafariSort provides a simple, one-click sorting solution. All it takes is click the Sort button and the utility will do the rest. The application will automatically close all Safari windows, if any of them are open. The sorting functionality works for files, folders as well as sub-folders within the bookmark manager.

SafariSort is based on the Sortosaurus script to which it adds a simple, yet effective graphical interface. There are no other special features or functions; the utility only sorts out the bookmarks alphabetically, but it does it most effectively. This as well as the fact that it is free should appeal to all Safari users.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Quick and simple to use
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  • Lack of features
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