SafariBookmarkChecker 1.30

Check the validity of and analyze Safari bookmarks.
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Coriolis Technologies
Work with an unlimited number of bookmarks present in the memory of your Safari browser. Automatically analyze the current settings and memory, then check if the page or site the bookmarks lead to are still active and functional. View detailed reports.

SafariBookmarkChecker is a tool to help you manage the bookmarks you have stored for years. It starts with reading the bookmarks from Safari (making a backup copy for safety), then let you do an extremely fast scan to detect bookmarks which have changed or are not available anymore. Its main feature is speed! It can check over 1000 bookmarks in less than 2 minutes, a performance similar programs don't even come close. From the main window, you can change the name and address of your bookmarks, or delete them if they are not available anymore. There is no magic nor artificial intelligence in this software, so use it to quickly scan your bookmarks, then double check with your browser the availability of the addresses marked as invalid. A single click from the main window will open the selected bookmarks in your browser.

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