RWmultitool Lite

RWmultitool Lite 2.1

Place any image in a RapidWeaver theme.
2.1.1 (See all)

Rwmultitool2 LITE is an abridged version of Rwmultitool2 Full version.Universal Application, based on Mac OSX CoreImage
Software architecture based on CoreImageTechnology.
Compatible with most RapidWeaver themes
RWmultitool will display a list of all images included in a theme and let you choose one for editing. No other software required.
Supported image formats
RWmultitool works with severel common image formats.
One click image selection
Images are placed on layers. Each layer can be individually selected and moved.
Move, Rotate and Scale images
You can move, resize and rotate inserted images (Hot Keys available for each option).
Automatic Backup of original images
An automatic backup of original images will be performed when you save your edits. If you restore your image after editing, the backup image will be deleted.
This version has all the basic editing tools, plus advanced features to backup and save images in your themes. Rwmultitool2 LITE will give you the opportunity to edit theme images, even the ones that are not predisposed for Rwmltitool. The predisposed theme are much more easy to manage thanks to Rwmultitool2.
What's new in this version:
- Themes management totally rewritten
- Changes path to RW6 resources folder
- Code optimized

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