Rumpus 8.2

Create an FTP server that can be accessed via a web browser or FTP client.

Rumpus is an application capable of helping users to access, transfer, or share files without having to rely on complex setups or third-party servers. All is done through an FTP client via a web console.

Visually, Rumpus doesn't impress much. The user interface has a decent look, with lots of menu tabs that make the main area look a bit overcrowded. Also, the icons are poorly crafted and the buttons do sometimes feel a bit clunky. Yet, memory usage is low, so there's no need for a high-end system.

Moving on to the app's capabilities, Rumpus provides individuals with lots of useful functionalities. There's a Search option for finding files on the server, either by name or content type. Also, the app supports SSL encryption for FTP, Web, and WebDAV transfers. Other important features include tracking server activity, guest transfer of files, remote administrations, or event notices.

Briefly, Rumpus is a tool that offers lots of important features that, together, help users to improve the performance of their daily tasks.

John Saunders
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  • Supports SSL encryption
  • Comes with a Search feature
  • Tracks server activity


  • Main area looks overcrowded
  • Has poorly crafted icons
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